Commercial & Senior Living Projects

Glendale has painted Convention Centers, Prisons, Top Secret Facilities at our military installations, Public and private universities, Medical facilities and Senior living facilities. While our experience is diverse, our understanding that properties are different helps us succeed.

The builders of this type of work are the most advanced and largest builders in the country. You don’t play around with this work and you have to have the experience and reputation to be hired by these builders for this work.

When repainting these projects, the little nuances that go with it differ from multi unit work or high rises. There are schedules, exebitions, students, prison population and seniors all requiring a slightly different approach from us. Security and processing of manpower on top secret military installations and prisons requires patience. Respect for students and seniors are at the highest level with our employees on those properties.

Glendale has the experience to handle your commercial or senior living project.