Multi-Unit Residential

This is Glendale’s bread and butter. For 25 years, Glendale has been repainting or painting as new construction all types of Multi-Unit residential properties. We have painted tens of thousands of units both in high rise buildings and garden style properties. Projects located from Jacksonville to Miami, from Naples to the Pan handle and everywhere in the middle.

What we have learned over the years has made us one of the States largest and most successful muti-unit residential painting contractors. Our relationship with Developers, Builders, Property Management Companies and H.O.A.’s directly keep a steady flow of this type work coming our way.

So, whether your building that 350 unit apartment complex or perhaps that 25 story luxury condominium tower, Glendale will meet and exceed all your expectations. We take safety seriously and take it first. Our ability to man a project is second to none. In 25 years, we have never failed to meet a construction schedule or a promised repaint time line. This is what we do. Call us.