New Construction

Glendale Painting has performed painting, waterproofing, specialty finishes and exotic wallcovering installations on some of the largest new construction projects in the State of Florida. Palm Beach County Convention Center had over 50 painters with 14 wall-covering installers at one time. The Ritz Beach Residences called for 90 men at one time working two shifts. Glendale not only has the labor force to handle your project, but has access to labor with one phone call should an emergency arise.

Glendale has applied Venetian Plaster finishes as well as Duraplex in high rises, Spas, Ballrooms and Convention Centers. We have applied multi-spec coatings as well as Anti-Microbial coatings as we did in the Pinellas County Coroner’s office.

Glendale’s resume of high rise high end condominium projects is second to none as is our pricing structure. Glendale has painted millions of square feet of new industrial space. Our sister company (Beckner Painting) was the largest new construction apartment painting company in Florida for many years having painted close to 20% of all apartment complexes over 150 units in the State of Florida.

If the Underground garage needs bead blasting before coating, no problem, we’ve got you covered. We do it in house with our own equipment. When you have a field problem that is not covered by the specification or the architect does not have the answer for, don’t worry. Between our technical staff, our in house coating consultant and our supplier, we will get you covered.

Glendale is set up to do the largest new construction jobs, hardest rigging challenges and toughest coatings application thrown our way. We have never failed to complete a project on time. Our Safety record and training shows no time lost injuries, a low experience mod and unparalleled production rates. Our insurance limits meet the stringent requirements of our largest customers.