Misconceptions About Electrostatic Painting

There is a large misconception about electrostatic painting in the market place.  Painting Contractors (the ones like us that have the capability) enjoy this misconception as we are able to secure much higher pricing for this application method.

With that said, it is, only an application method.  One which does not work well outside in windy conditions.  One which requires use of solvent based materials rather than industrial acrylics.

The misconceptions are as follows:

·         Better finish

·         It’s the way its done in the factory

·         Longer life

·         It’s done with powder coating

None of these are true.  It is simply a method of spray application that provides the user with better transfer efficiency of the coatings.  It is primarily used in the furniture refinishing business where applicators can perform the work inside.  You gain a wrap around affect which gets the substrate coated on all sides from one spray direction rather than having wasted coating drift away.

Outside, with any kind of wind, the process becomes tedious and at times, will not work at all.

It is not powder coating.  Anyone who indicates that this process is what is done in a factory environment, isn’t telling you that part two of that process is baking the coating on the substrate in special ovens.

It sounds high tec.  It is sold by those who know they can get more money or exclude other competition from getting the work.  The equip cost upwards of 5k to 10k and many contractors won’t spend it which eliminates some competitors.

A good painting contractor will pick the application method that is best for the customer and the environmental conditions that exist on the project.  They will pick a method that achieves the desired finishes, with the best possible coatings in the quickest time possible for the best cost.

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