Glendale Painting has performed painting, waterproofing, concrete restoration, carpentry repairs and deck-balcony repairs on some very large well known properties. With a Class A General Contractors license and the experience behind us, Glendale can perform any remedial work. Having performed this work from Jacksonville to Miami and Naples to Tampa Glendale has done this work in your area.

Some repaint contractors stay in one geographical area and keep selling to the same people. This limitation prevents them from really gaining knowledge of problems faced in different areas, suppliers limitations in areas and understanding how diverse different clients needs really can be. Glendale understands all of this. We have in house engineering and construction knowledge along with expert building envelope consultants. We can solve your buildings woes and get you back the days when your building was like new.

We perform concrete repairs as well as stucco repairs or replacement. Our skilled tradesmen have an uncanny knack for matching surfaces when patching is required. Our floor coating knowledge and experience having coated millions of square feet is bar none.

Let us come out, survey your property, write a specification and price your work. You will see that having this kind of experience and ability does not translate to a higher price. Some of the companies that have learned this already from us include: